Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beautiful Work

Beautiful work take time

Well its been five years that I saw this banner hanging at church.  It's been a project.   Beautiful work takes time and planning and organizing the materials.    Finding the material was struggle for me and  learning how to work with it. I have never done this kind of work and it has been a learning experience.  After I finished placing the center design I paused to figure out what to do next.     

        Design has been a process as I added the embroidery.  This picture is me digitizing a design and printed a paper pattern.  I have a Bernina Artist Embroidery program and I digitized this design.   My hoops on my embroidery machine is 11.5 X 8 and I need to integrate four hoops to do one side panel.   I used tear-away stabilizer which allows no shadowing because the stabilizer it pulled away and only stays where the embroidery is on the fabric.   I used wedding satin and you can see threw it. 

Two panels and eight hoops which took 45 min. to embroider and this is how it looks. 

I was undecided of what to place on the top of the design and "Father of Lights" spoke to me and each letter was embroider and I think it looks lovely..  

I still need to embroider "Of " I guess I'm in a pause again, once I put it together.  Each letter was individually hooped and it took twelve hoops and each letter took about 52 min. for it to embroider.  The stitch is step and it is metallic aqua blue that looks lovely when the light hits it. 

Now I need to design the quilting and I need some suggestions cause I don't know if I am at a pause or a design block.   I would love some comments. 

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  1. I'm excited to see you add the embroidery to this. I love the pink inner border. It sets everything off very nicely! I can't wait to see it quilted and BOUND. :)