Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Burnout and how I struggle


    Burnout and how it has impacted me and trying to move forward.  I feel so slow and struggling to move into the next thing.   I think much of my life I plow through every problem, every conflict, every disappointment, and every emotional distress.  There seems to be moments in my life where I just can't no more move forward, move on, or just do one more step.  Then I have to heal what I cannot plow through.  Sometimes in life I think its the stumbling stone that I just can't overcome.  Or is it the multiple issues that add up.  

    I tend to have this burnout every January and I feel January is a time to start new but for me its the time to deal with the year before and every thing it brought to me.  Its the time I have to remove all the old files..  It's a time of reflection of what I need to change and what I need to do better.  I also take this time to decide where I want to go...

This year I want to do what makes me happy..

But then I have to figure out what makes you happy

Making something that something I Love... something for me..

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