Tuesday, July 25, 2017

You Owe Me

You owe me!!!!

Do you think I owe you?  It's funny how family behaves!   Especially the family members that only see their side!  Being one sided is abusive because if you can't walk with someone else's story. but yours.    You have decided that the other member is only around to be a person of servitude!  Servitude is dangerous because they are bound but the power of a master!  Masters can't see the servant.   They don't consider the labor.   They don't consider the persons feelings, they are not to be seen nor heard they are for the use of the master!   Masters only want to be heard.   Their voice is what matters.   A servant can't challenge the master.  Parents are like masters of their children.  Children are turned into servants.   The master determines the power of the servant.  As times moves on the children have the authority to be the masters of their own lives but just like the civil war when blacks had a right to be free the master, the master couldn't surrender  his slaves.   It took war for the white man to understand the slave wasn't his to own any more!  Even then he still may resent the black mans freedom.   It took years and generations of African Americans to finally lead and set themselves free.  Before the white man felt his slave owed him I took care of you.  Now the black man feels because of how the white man enslaved him, white man you now owe me!

Sometimes parents feel their children owe them.  Of course you wouldn't exist if it wasn't for me.   All these years I served you,  took care of you, now you child - you owe me!  I have children that have this selfish expectation of me.    Is freedom a bad thing?   Freedom in it self is costly.   Children thrive through the income of the parent -- they eat freely without concern -- but when adulthood comes nothing comes freely.,,  that is an adult that pays their own way.  The once child now has to pay for his own cost, but with that comes a freedom.  Of making your own choices.   The right to have your own voice.  The right to be respected because you are now your own.

Is being a servant horrible to be?  No not if that's where you want to be, marriage is a bargain of two people coming together to be servants of one another.  It is a place of compromise and surrender of your own will.   When your married your not your own -- and usually when people in a marriage are one sided for to long a time the other party decide to set themselves free #divorce because being a servant only is slavery with a husband master.

No relationship can be one sided--if it is  then it's not a relationship.   If your standing on your own -  paying your own debt.   Feeding your own face -- your voice should be heard.  Your opinion shouldi be respected.  Your decisions are yours for your good or for your harm they are your decisions.   That's what adulthood is -- or emancipation from other who feel they have a right to control you.

If your  family guilts you.  Then your not free.  If they bully you when you speak your voice.  Your not free.  If you do things to please others only and don't want too.  Your not free.  If you feel obligated to do and dishonor your own opinion - voice- feelings- wants -  desires-  then your not free.

It's funny how we say there's no more slavery,  but I see it daily.   When people in my life complain in their hearts saying "She owes me."   Wanting me to do what they expect not allowing me to really be free as they complain about me because I will not let them own me!

I will not be slave for anybody.   Even if it offends many I have a right to be free!

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