Friday, February 10, 2017

Why Do We suffer???


Is suffering a horrible thing?  Sometimes we focus on our suffering and walk with it as if it  was the most harmful impact in our lives.  I sit thoughtful of the things I have suffered and realize as an adult how much those moments of suffering has been a great benefit for me. 

 Suffering was a preparer of my future and a restructure that was necessary for my growth.  It really has been a blessing to suffer as a child.  It was for my good. 

As I work with metal jewelry the pounding of the metal reshapes the silver.  The heat that you allow the metal to tolerate created the ability to stretch the metal making it more flexible.  The metal can be turned into something magnificent.  Something that may of  never been if it was only left to its own condition.  Suffering can be the power that makes you into someone that may of never been.  Don't despise it.  Don't fight against it.  Don't break because of it.  Its an opportunity to become something beyond who you are.  If you endure it.  If you appreciate that its for your good. 

I know how could suffering be good?  How could someone growing up without a father be good.  How could losing a child be good?  How could illness be good?   How could suffering be for my gain? 

I suffered as a child not having a father and seeing my mother suffer.  Her suffering was a blessing for me, as I suffered with her.  I saw strength, determination, devotion, and someone who thrived in the worst circumstance ever. Her suffering that she walked through with her children in hand showed us that you have no excuse to be a failure.  You have no excuse not to thrive.  I your mother have thrived among the worst desert storms and I'm showing you that you can too.  If this didn't destroy me, your mother, Nothing can destroy you. 

 I was a child of controversy.   Still an adult of Controversy decide to thrive no matter what the condition of my life is.  I see children like me and I have something to say to the me in them.  I know your sorrow, I know you sadness that's unspoken, I know your questions of why would God allow this for you and me.  I know why and God has created in you a strength to teach other, reach other, have compassion for others, teach others, that have suffered like you.   All hell broke loss when I was born-- All hell breaks loss because I breath.  As I walk in this world the enemy knows that he can't have me or break me. 

 My suffering has become work hardened.  Metal when you beat it becomes work hardened.  This mean after the beating of the metal persists the metal becomes impacted and as the beater hits the metal the metal resist and become the hinder of the beater.    After you hit the metal the metal isn't changed anymore but the person hitting the metal starts to feel the flash back and the hands become sore and tired, because the metal is work hardened.  The metal has become the beater of the hitter and the beatings become useless.  The metal is in control of the change not the beater. 

 If the world is beating you and your metal.   You will become strong because of the beating.  You will become like iron nothing can bend you but fire. The comments can't keep you down, the judgment can't contain you, the hatred can't manipulate you, and the pressure doesn't affect you.  As a matter of fact it makes you thrive on purpose.  It makes you stronger. immovable and not pliable.

I see President Trump he is work hardened nothing you say will move him.  He knows pressure and people throwing tantrums isn't going to move him.  Cry Babies yelling will not change his mind.  He is work hardened.  As a matter of fact it will strengthen him to be greater.  That's why in him it doesn't matter.  The decisions he make will be his.  He will do the best for circumstance not because of popularity. 

Because I'm work harden my decisions are based on myself.  Not by external pressure.  No manipulation will make me do what others want.  I have been in the fire and been in the beatings and the suffering has made me.  Powerful, tough, intolerant, patient, motivated, and stronger.  My suffering has made me someone who thrives especially with the beatings this world can give.    

Suffering is doing a good work in you. It will soften you to become something beautiful and reshape you.  It will also work harden you.  Make you someone who stands despite the environment.  Only fire and beatings will transform you.  God knows how to work the two. To created in you...

In Gen 3 the bible says that God Form Adam from the ground.  Then breathed in him and he became a living being. 

The ground is our environment, upbringing, our suffering in this world.  God allows the world to form us from the ground.  From being to end.  But the best part is When he breaths in Us.  We become a living being.  Every forming, every suffering, is for us to become pliable to allow God to Breath into us.  Our suffering is to  allow the reshaping of who we are to become Gods children.  Please God breath in Us.  Don't you see our suffering??? God sees He is Forming.  We see suffering. 

Then he Breaths is us and we become LIVING.  Yes God uses your suffering to get You to want to become a living being.  Not just an Adam formed from the ground.  The bible says that through Adam many died.  Because of him We are cursed.  But God gave us Another Adam which is Christ Jesus Who suffered so we would become a living being.  God even allowed His own son to suffer so many could live. 

I have learned my suffering has been not just for myself but for many.  My children, my ministry, the children who I see that are me, and mothers like my mother.  Suffering has been a Blessing for me.  Because I let God breath into me.  I was tired of living like Adam and wanted a Savior. 

Needed a Savior cause I couldn't do it alone. 

My daughter said this to me, "A candle doesn't light the room unless it consumes itself." 

When she spoke these treasured words to me --it spoke to the depths of my heart.  Suffering which creates death to yourself is also what gives light to other.  

Give honor to Suffering.   

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