Friday, October 23, 2015

How to set goals

Goal setting

I have been working in several quilts and projects.  I am trying this time of my life to finish projects!  Where do you start?  Sometimes I have found that with the over load of responsibilities that I have.  I tend to shut down!  When I'm shut down nothing is getting done!  So I'm trying to create small tangible goals daily to get to the finish line of my goals! 

One of my goals is to finish this beauty! I don't like the feeling of being  stagnant!  I have had this quilt sitting around and I determined to find a way for me to get motivated!   It's overwhelming to think how much work needs to be done to be finished!  So I have given myself small tangible goals!  This quilt has 
Diamond segments so my goal is to at least quilt one segment a week!  

It really did seem to work!  Now I'm half way done and regardless of the work ahead all I have to worry about each week is one segment !   To rejoice in that accomplishment! 

I seem to think that when I get to the end is when I should be happy! The truth is the journey... is where is the greatest joy is.  If I allow myself to feel content accomplishing small goals! 

So this week I finished 2 diamond segments! It's better to do a little at a time before you know! I will have the quilt completed!  

Appreciate the small accomplishment !! To rejoice there!  
Is also a goal I'm setting for myself! 

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