Sunday, September 13, 2015



Sometime I sit and watch people and how they live their lives!  I have  some that live a tragic  life where nothing is good and the problems in their life are elements that were beyond their control!  

Under the pressure they have others rescue them from the environment they themselves created!  What I have noticed is the blind actor of their own life don't see they were the ones that set the stage! They cry and complain as victims of a life they had no choice in and express wearily their dismay.  Wanting everyone to play in their Shakespeare play.   They are dramatic in their endeavors.  

Me a rescuer and enabler have played in theses plays, but my part was the helper. A Shepherd, a rescuer, a want to be healer, and me the dismayed for the tortured actor!  Entered the play and Became a set up player! 

 I didn't know the actor was the creater of their own harm till I was in their storm.   
Overcome by their destructive ways now I was in the way!   Forced to follow the scrip that the tortured had me follow.    

Then one day I wanted out of the play! Overcome and arrested by the insanity I experienced as scene set before me unfolded.  I realized that that the victim was not a victim but the victimizer!  They were their own creater of the play!  They loved living this way!  Addicted to tragedy!  Addicted to self will- rebellious not wanting to take responsibility blaming  everybody.  Blind because they refuse  to see!  That the mess is them!  The problem is them! The drama is them!  

It was a set up placed before me the enemy used my family to try to destroy me!  He knew I was gullible, a rescuer, and enablers.  He knew I wouldn't see the truth with the tears and the wounded before me! That the love I have for them would keep me from holding them accountable! 

Satan knew that either way my heart would suffer!  "Check mate" he would say to me!  If you don't help your evil to not be a part of their play!  If you enter the play I will used them -them you love to destroy you! Either way I got you!  
Rescuer -the enabler in you!  I have you! 

Enabler I say to you- like I had to say to myself-! Each person has the life they choose to live! You are only responsible for yours and yours alone!  When I make a mess in my life I have to clean it up! That's what responsible people do!  If that is an expectation for yourself!  Why do we not require it for others?  Stop rescuing those that love suffering and tragedy! If you keep rescuing them how will they learn to rescue themselves?  

Don't be a pawn on their chess board! You don't have to participate in their game! 

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