Thursday, July 30, 2015


Watercolor painting

It's my first time to play with watercolor paint!   It's been a weird yearning in my heart just to sit and draw and paint!  

I was uncomfortable trying something new, but as time went on I found that it was really fun!  I don't declare to be a pencil or paint brush artist!  I do feel I'm an artist that works with textiles and metals!   The truth is defining your self can hinder you from going into a different skill!  

It can box you in! I'm in a stage that the box that people say I should be in or the invisible box I have defined myself by has to be broken down!  

So that I can be the person that is without limits and restraint!  That's what freedom is! 

I would look at painting and desire to have and they weren't hard to make but I'm not an artist.  So don't try!   

But if I can make quits and and found that if I put effort even a little bit everyday!  Like I did in my Longarm quilting!  Now what I thought was hard is so easy to do!  

Then why not play with water color! 

For my first time !  I like it and next time I know it will be better!  

So try something new today !   

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