Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Unique way of Quilt Binding

Unique way to Bind

One video is of the whole process of binding.  The other is just how to connect the ends of the binding together without all of the confusion.  Sometimes this is the most dreaded part for me.  Somehow my mind cannot keep the techniques that I have learned from it laying on the table to moving it to the sewing machine.  So a client asked me if I had a simpler way and as she was with me I found one.  I'm so excited to share this. 

This is the simpler technique of putting the end of binding together.

If your binding strip is 2 inches measure 2 inches as they overlap.
If your binding strip is 2 1/2 inches measure 2 1/2 inches as they overlap. 
You need a glue stick Elmer's glue wash away.
A fabric marking pen

If you have difficult uploading video my
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Lorena's Quilting 
Connecting the ends of Binding easily

This video is the whole binding tutorial
This has tricks on how to make sure on the back you binding is completely straight and have a 90 degree mitered corner.  The tacking is easy and after your done the binding looks finished so all you have to do is sew the back of the binding without any puckering or shifting of the fabric. You don't need pins or clips to hold the binding as your sewing after this.

This is a tutorial that is 2 inches on how to connect the ends easily.  

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