Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Little bag tutorial

Little bags 

Two  different fabrics
Plastic sewing foot
Thin paper to help deal with vynle sticking 

I just got a square of vynle and cut two pieces of fabric 1/2 wide and the length of vynle.  

With color facing up that was just sewn on vynle.  Place zipper face toward color.  And add second piece of colored fabric color facing zipper.. Use clips to hold all three pieces together

Sew on the edge of zipper.  

Roll the fabric underneath where on the opposite side and sew a seam on the top side where the zipper is right side up.  

Have a piece of fabric that will be on inside of little bag.. Use batting .. See around the edges of the bag. Make sure zipper in within the sewn area.  

Trim edges

Back fabric should be an inch larger all around..

Roll in once then again to go over bag. 

Pattern  was easy to follow and I bought it at a quilt store the pattern cost $6.00.  They are fun to make and my friends are really loving them for gifts.  

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