Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Longarm Quilting quilting quilting

Longarm quilting 

A variation of feathers.  
Feathers take a lot of practice to make with beautiful form.  I like small feathers  they are fun and they look beautiful when the shadows of light  hit on the quilt. I do echo the feathers once through.  They take space beautiful and it is easy to move while quilting from one space to the next.  

They are beautiful and probably in several hours I finished the top of quilt.  

 Now the center 

This pebble take longer to quilt and to make it beautiful a clean you need to work slower.  

This was about two hours of work.   It really will flatten the space and allow the dove and design pop.

This is a video of a fill I made and am using on this quilt.  Please excuse my kids sometime they like making fun of me when we do videos.  I also have a video related to this fill on YouTube just put toninov25 on the search bar and you can see all my videos.. The beginning of my journey to now. 

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