Saturday, December 14, 2013

Appliqué vinyl Sorority Lettering

Sorority Lettering

Appliqué vinyl lettering. 
I have never done this and it's a little intimidating, but a friend is challenging me to try it. 

Cutters are awesome. 
YOU can use your cutter to do crystal shirts templates, outline a design on paper, cut vinyl, make templates for quilting designs, and fabric applique pieces.  Oh yeah you can use the cutter to do paper designs, teachers use them for class decorations, and the sky is the limit. 
They do have a cricket I bought one and gave it away.  It does do  things I listed, but it is limited because the cutter is not strong enough to cut some products.  An example it doesn't cut fabric as well as I would like, but to start its a great little machine. It does cut paper and they do have some wonderful card that have some great designs.   
 I got a zing cutter

I haven 't used it much other than to make crystal templates  and practices some vinyl cutting.  So I'm not a pro at this.    So this is a  project to put it into practice.  

 She gave me these already cut out letters to use as a template.  

I did scan them to my embroidery program and also scanned them into my cutting program. 

   Sometimes it is trial and error.  I did take quite a bit of time to figure out how to get the cutter to cut  the lettering. 
I also took  quite a bit of time to learn how to do applique on my embroidery digitizing program.   Time is well used when you learn something that will in the end open doors for you to do a different type of work. Which will bring opportunities to new clients and new income.
I am still having to clean up the embroidery work but for my first try this is not bad.

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