Friday, May 3, 2013

Beautiful Culture

 Tapestry of a Culture

One of the lady's in my appliqué class brought this to me.  She loves it.  A representation of her culture, she wanted to hang it on the wall.  This Tapestry is weighty and the yarn that is woven into the fabric is thick and it shifts like poly. 

Fear of Mistakes
 Some of the fears I as a Longarm quilters have is when a quilter  comes to me and I am unsure if I can do what they are asking me to do.   I know the emotional connection I have when I do my quilt tops and the investment of time and money I have put on a top.    

I am fascinated how someone who doesn't know me or my work could trust me.  They are trusting me with a quilt top that they have worked on for multiple hours.  The investment of fabric isn't a cheap element either.   I have done quilts that just in fabric cost me $300.00 not entering the labor, batting, binding, and longarm quilting.  Being trusted with a treasure like this can and has paralyzed me from even starting.   

The work

Quilting only the white through the whole tapestry.   Quilting down the white allowed the lifted yarn to pop out on the tapestry.    The quilting also allowed  me to square the quilt as much as I could and there is no more shifting and when she hangs it is going to look lovely on the wall. 

Since I didn't do anything special on the white of the Tapestry I decided to do some lovely feathers on the sashing. 

I did a video to show you how I did the sashing border.  Hope you like the video. 

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